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Concept Dot watch mixes watches with braceletsFirst published: 17-08-2010A break through watch, simply referred to as Dot, rolex replica has being unveiled to be a wristreplica watch which has a design more designed for a bracelet.Made by Polish designer Damian Kozlik automatic omega watch , the timepiece centres around LED technology as a way to display the time, which can be simply accessible in a four-figure digi pics. The date can also be made available from this viewpoint, Design Blog has reported.Buttons will be integrated into the rim on the replica watch nearby the time display, which you can use to alter any time or date, if necessary.Another unique feature from the replica watch is good for so that it is made with a perforated rubber strap rather than the more conventional option of metal or metal. replica watch silver Evan Selleck has told Slash Gear of his opinion of the Dot concept, pointing out which the design will not seem as flashy as other sorts of replica watches available, however that the LEDs improve the replica watch making for any unique mix of timepiece and ornament.He stated: "The LED wristband is cool enough to post our attention." montblanc replica watches
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